Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2003 - Priddis Stampede Breakfast

2003-07-06: Daybreak

Believe it or not, Tryna was up and out with Karen at 5:45 A.M. to volunteer at the Priddis Stampede Breakfast. The sun was just coming up and there was a beautiful fog bank hanging in the valley in front and to the left of our motorhome.

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2003-07-06: Mixing Up The Batter

Since they expected to feed some 800 or so people at the breakfast, the pancake batter was mixed in huge white buckets using a drill with a big paint mixer attached. It was quite interesting watching this operation.

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2003-07-06: Cooking Up The Sausage

When we arrived at the community center at 6:00, the first order of business was to wipe down the tables. Was I ever surprised to find the table was not only wet but covered in a thin layer of ice!! Talk about cold hands!! I was then directed to the grills where we began cooking the sausage. We cooked 2000 sausage links, 1200 slices of ham and 80 pounds of pancake mix. It was a fun experience.

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2003-07-06: Food In The Warming Bin

As we finished cooking, the food was then taken to the warming oven to keep it until we had takers.

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2003-07-06: Tryna Walks A Llama

This was definitely up close and personal with a llama. He really was soft.

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2003-07-06: And Then The Horse

Back at the house, we took the horses for an evening walk. We're having such fun with Karen and Ed Robbins and are grateful that they opened their place to us. We couldn't ask for a more beautiful place to park our rig and spend some time. This is going to be another difficult place to leave.

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