Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2003 - Waterton National Park

2003-07-03: Cameron Lake

Although Glacier National Park in the U.S. and Waterton in Canada are connected, they each have a totally different terrain. Waterton is centered on its beautiful lakes that were carved out by the glaciers. We took a drive to Cameron Lake and then hiked about halfway around to the base of an avalanche area where it is said bears like to feed. The hike was nice, the lake was incredibly gorgeous but no bears were to be seen.

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2003-07-03: Black Bears

As we were driving away from Cameron Lake we got lucky and saw these two black bears feeding on the side of the road. It was exciting to see a bear. We've not only seen our moose this trip, but bears as well!

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2003-07-03: Middle Waterton Lake

From the grounds of the Prince of Wales Hotel, one has a most incredible view of Middle Waterton Lake and the surrounding mountains.

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2003-07-03: Blakiston Falls

We drove up the Red Rock Canyon road and then took a short hike to Blakiston Falls. The beauty of the falls made the hike well worth it. Evidently they have had a very wet spring here and the wildflowers are awesome. It's like a carpet of color everywhere.

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2003-07-03: Red Rock Canyon

The river running over the red rocks in this canyon created an amazingly beautiful sight. Evidently the water wasn't too cold because all the kids were wading. Maybe their feet hurt from all the hiking or maybe it was just the magnetic force that brings kids and water together.

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2003-07-03: Mountain Sheep

Upon returning to the parking lot, we found this herd of mountain sheep wandering around. They were actually getting on their knees and trying to lick the salt from under the cars. Needless to say our car was of no interest to them - they just don't salt the roads in the desert!

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