Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2003 - Calgary Stampede Breakfast

2003-07-09: Chuckwagon Breakfast

We headed down to Fluor Rope Square in downtown Calgary where the daily chuckwagon breakfasts are held. Every morning during the stampede, they bring the wagons downtown and cook pancake and bacon sandwiches for whoever is willing to stand in line to get them.

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2003-07-09: Yummy

Al sits and enjoys his pancake sandwich that is hot off the grill.

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2003-07-09: Indian Dancers

We were entertained while we ate. We not only got to experience authentic Indian dancing but we also got to see the hat stomping contest, the great western flapjack flip, and a parade of old time rigs. It was a great day.

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2003-07-09: Square Dancing

Further up the street there was an area where you could square dance with the pros. Tryna decided to try her hand (and feet) at a bit of dancing and totally enjoyed the experience. Of course having a partner who knows what he is doing helped a lot!

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