Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2003 - Calgary Stampede

2003-07-10: The Stampede Rodeo

The rodeo at the stampede started with a group roping demonstration. It was certainly exciting to watch all those horses out in the arena at once and to see the cowboys doing their thing.

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2003-07-10: Bull Riding

It was so much fun watching all the rodeo events. We couldn't decide which event we enjoyed the most so suffice it to say we loved it all. There was even sheep riding by 5 and 6-year-old boys and girls -now that event was a kick!

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2003-07-10: Indian Village

After the rodeo we wandered around the stampede grounds for a while. It really is similar to a county or state fair with a real western flair. There is a huge Indian village on site where families from various tribes come and set up their teepees for the duration of the stampede. There were several teepees open for viewing - it was interesting being in a real teepee. We got to talk to some natives and watch a teepee raising contest.

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2003-07-10: Chuckwagon Races

The chuckwagons used for these races are the very same ones that served up the pancake and bacon sandwiches in Fluor Rope Square the other day. It was fun to recognize the chuckwagons where we got our pancakes. According to the announcement, after 10 days of racing and accumulating times, the wagon with the lowest time will win a $50,000 purse.

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2003-07-10: The Grandstand Show

After the chuckwagon races, we were treated to the spectacular grandstand show called Winds of Change. It was an extravaganza of song and dance that took us through time. The grandstand seats were hard and uncomfortable but the show was so good we didn't even think about it.

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2003-07-10: The Finale

The finale was an incredible display of fireworks. It was a long day (remember it doesn't get dark here until late) but one we're glad we had a chance to experience.

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