Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

China - Chongqing

2010-05-19: Delivery

In all of the cities we have visited, we see these bicycles carrying huge loads. It's a wonder they don't tip over from being top heavy!

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2010-05-19: Jade Carver

We had an opportunity to visit a jade factory and see not only some of the raw material but also to watch the jade carvers at work.

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2010-05-19: Traffic Jam

The drivers in China are crazy!! They are constantly driving on the wrong side of the road to get around the car in front of them as well as coming out into traffic to make a left turn from a side road as this car is doing. They think nothing of stopping traffic like this while they edge their way in front of oncoming cars. Sitting in the front seat of the bus was an education in itself!

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2010-05-19: Lesser Panda

Today found us at the Chongqing Zoo to visit the pandas. First we saw this little creature who is billed as a lesser panda. We thought he looked more like a raccoon then a panda.

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2010-05-19: Ya Ya

It was feeding time so the pandas were out front and center. Ya Ya was born on the panda preserve in 2000 and transferred to the Chongqing Zoo in 2001. She is so cuddly looking I just wanted to hold her!

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2010-05-19: Painter

We visited the Stilwell Museum where we got to see China's tribute to WWII General Joseph Stilwell. This painter was demonstrating his skill in the gift shop. It was incredible to watch this painting take form as he combined his brush strokes.

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