Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

North Carolina - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2016-12-15: Brookgreen Garden

Brookgreen Garden comes to life in December with the soft glow of more than 5,500 hand-lit luminarias lighting the paths and countless sparkling lights. This 80-foot fir tree which is actually part of the gardens is decorated with some 130,000 lights and is lit in ceremonial fashion at 5:45.

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2016-12-15: Lights

The light displays are created and supervised by the Horticulture Department and painstakingly incorporate the sculptures and lights.

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2016-12-15: Tunnel

There were fun places along the walkways that had lighted tunnels to navigate,...

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2016-12-15: Photo Op

...beautifully lit trees that created a great place for a photo op,...

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2016-12-15: Icicles

...and a whole area that appeared to have icicles hanging. The gardens were lit in a way that we've never seen before and so worth visiting.

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