Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2002 - Morro Bay

2002-06-19: The Rock

It seems we never tire of Morro Bay or photographing the famous Morro Rock. Unfortunately we saw only June gloom during our short stay but it did make for comfortable walking and some interesting photos.

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2002-06-20: Curlews

There were lots of curlews at the waters edge. Their long, curved beaks make it easy for them to reach the sand and food without bending their legs. They're fun to watch - I just wish I could have gotten closer.

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This tree at the end of the sand spit had an interesting shape created by the elements. I loved seeing The Rock jutting up on the horizon (but then I love The Rock!).

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2002-06-21: Driftwood

This driftwood had such character I couldn't resist photographing it and including it on the Morro Bay page.

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