Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2002 - East Glacier

2002-07-14: Real Mountain Goats

While driving from West Glacier to East Glacier on Route 2 around the southern edge of the park we came across an area called Goat Lick. Evidently there are natural salt licks on the steep rock faces that the mountain goats come down to enjoy. While there, we were lucky enough to see a mom and baby scaling the side of the cliff as well as several other goats. What an incredible experience. Unfortunately, my digital camera couldn't pick up the goats, so this is a photo of mountain goats we saw a few days later at Logan Pass.

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2002-07-14: East Glacier Inn

The lodge at East Glacier was built in 1911 by the Great Northern RR Company. Whole Douglas fir tree trunks were used as structural members in the construction. It is amazing to stand in this lobby and think about the many famous (and not so famous) people who have walked these same boards. Always on the lookout for moose, notice the one in the corner.

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2002-07-14: The Depot

Before roads but after the railroad came to these parts, people would ride the train to the depot and then walk through this garden area to the inn. Many people coming to the Inn today, still arrive in this same manner aboard the Amtrak.

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2002-07-14: Incredible Falls

In the spring, water pours over a high cliff almost completely hiding a second lower waterfall. Later in the year, only the lower falls are flowing. We hit this just right as we saw both the upper and lower falls.

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2002-07-14: Two Medicine Lake

Two Medicine Lake is a gorgeous lake on the east side of the park. All of the snow fields in the mountains were melting which caused some of the prettiest waterfalls on the cliffs. It reminded us of our visit to Alaska where we saw this same thing.

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