Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2002 - Klamath River, California

2002-08-21: Picking Again

The write-up said the campground was on the Klamath River and it wasn't kidding. Not only is this a salmon fisherman's heaven but also a great place for blackberry picking. If there are berries, you know Al will find them!

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2002-08-21: The Old Bridge

This is the old bridge which crossed the Klamath River. It was damaged during the 1964 flood by debris such as houses, cars and trees coming down the river.

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2002-08-21: Mouth of the Klamath

The mouth of the Klamath River was incredible to see. At this time of year when the salmon are swimming upriver, the shore at the mouth is lined with fisherman hoping for that big one. The Indians on the other hand are allowed to net the fish.

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2002-08-22: Our Campground

A view of our campground from the jet boat as we head up river.

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2002-08-22: Osprey Nest

During the trip we got to see lots of wildlife. We saw osprey in their nests as well as fishing and catching salmon. We were also lucky enough to see a black bear, merganser ducks, water turtles and California sea lions.

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2002-08-22: Redwood Roots

These redwood roots were too beautiful not to be photographed.

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