Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Moab, Utah - Sunday

2003-04-13: Duck Rock

This is the view out the front of our motorhome which was parked on their property. I call the formation in the foreground The Duck (it looks like a duck with a scarf around it's neck) and in the background you can see Castle Rock (the formation they used for the Chevy ad) and the priest and three nuns.

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2003-04-13: The Rock

This formation is actually on their property. You can see the reflections in the Colorado River next to the rock. Talk about a great campsite!

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2003-04-13: Tower Arch

Sunday found us out exploring without a crowd. We first headed toward an Indian site to see what artifacts had surfaced during the winter. Not only did we find churt and worked pieces, but we also found some nice pieces of jasper. We explored some territory that even Ron and Linda had never seen before and then ended up at a trail entrance to Arches National Park. Here we got to see some formations that you can't see from a car such as this one of Tower Arch.

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2003-04-13: Marching Men

This is another of the rock formations viewable only from a jeep.

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