Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton


Location Date Description
Auckland, New Zealand 2006-02-17 Auckland, New Zealand
After a long, long flight on a full plane we arrived in Auckland at 8:00 in the morning. We were transported to our hotel where we freshened up and then took off to explore the city. We were pleased that everything was in walking distance.
Rotorua, New Zealand 2006-02-19 Rotorua, New Zealand
We left Auckland early in the morning and traveled on our bus through the beautiful north island countryside with its rolling green hills. With stops along the way, we finally arrived in Rotorua.
Christchurch to Franz Joseph, New Zealand 2006-02-20 Christchurch to Franz Joseph, New Zealand
At mid-day today we arrived at Rotorua airport for our flight from the north island to Christchurch on the south island. It's strange to think that it might be colder on the south island than it has been here in the north - I guess that's downunder for you!
Queenstown, New Zealand 2006-02-22 Queenstown, New Zealand
Nestled on the shores of Lake Wakatipu is scenic Queenstown, surrounded by the mighty peaks of the Southern Alps.
Milford Sound, New Zealand 2006-02-23 Milford Sound, New Zealand
Milford Sound is actually a fiord which is surrounded by walls that rise about 3700 feet from the sea. This area averages more than 18 feet of rain a year. The great rock walls stream with waterfalls and the small rivers become raging torrents after a rain storm. We were told that it rains 1 day in every 3 - we were lucky we had a sunny day just following a good rain.
Melbourne, Australia 2006-02-25 Melbourne, Australia
In 1901 Melbourne was declared Australia's first capital. Now it is more renowned for its restaurants, fashion and sport. It is home to many historic buildings and delightful gardens.
Cairns, Australia 2006-02-27 Cairns, Australia
This is the 'capital' of the tropical north (sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it!).The city was founded around 1876 to service gold and tin fields up-country. Today, lush tropical Cairns has something for everyone and draws visitors year round. For me was its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef - obviously I didn't come here for the heat and humidity!
Sydney, Australia 2006-03-01 Sydney, Australia
Sydney is Australia's oldest and largest city. It was originally established as a penal colony and grew in chaos for many years until 1810 when Governor Macquarie set about restoring order. Today it has the world's best natural harbor and caters to some 4,000 vessels each year.
Blue Mountain Area, Australia 2006-03-03 Blue Mountain Area, Australia
The Blue Mountains are located about 60 miles west of Sydney. They take their name from the blue haze which lingers over the range. This haze is a result of the fine mist of oil from the eucalyptus trees.