Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2004 - Durango and Silverton RR

2004-06-18: Engine 481

The Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad line has been in continuous use since 1882. The line was originally built to bring the ore out of the mountains but is now privately owned and operated for our enjoyment.

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2004-06-18: Animas River

The tracks run through the mountains of the San Juan National Forest following the Animas River from Durango to Silverton. The scenery is ruggedly beautiful - a photographers dream.

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2004-06-18: Shady Lady

Upon arrival in Silverton, we went to the Shady Lady for lunch. The building was erected in the 1880's and was the last brothel in Silverton. It closed its "professional" doors in 1947 and is now a restaurant and residence.

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2004-06-18: Silverton

Silverton is a quaint old mining town. The main street is paved but all the side streets are dirt. The train pulls right into the center of town!

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2004-06-18: Silverton City Hall

The old city hall, built in 1906, is a great old building. Couple that with the beautiful mountains behind it and you have an incredible scene.

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