Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2004

Location Date Description
On The Road Again 2004-06-13 On The Road Again
We're off again discovering new vistas in our great country and revisiting others we love.
Mesa Verde National Park 2004-06-16 Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde National Park is located in the high plateau country of southwestern Colorado. It is the location of major cliff dwellings built and occupied by the Anasazi some 1400 years ago.
Durango and Silverton RR 2004-06-18 Durango and Silverton RR
Steam train ride through the mountains of the San Juan National Forest from Durango to Silverton and back.
Ouray, Colorado 2004-06-20 Ouray, Colorado
Silver and gold were the main attraction in the late 1870's. Today, jeeping brings many people, including us, to this location.
Buffalo, Wyoming 2004-07-02 Buffalo, Wyoming
Buffalo is a ranching town on the eastern slope of the Big Horn Mountains. Amazing as it may sound, the town seems to have retained the atmosphere and hospitality of the old west.
From Wyoming to Washington 2004-07-06 From Wyoming to Washington
Our trip west took us from Wyoming through Montana and then on to the state of Washington via a scenic byway.
North Cascade Highway 2004-07-13 North Cascade Highway
We stopped in the Methow Valley for a few days where we found moisture-capturing mountains, dry grass hillsides, stands of ponderosa pine and douglas fir and some neat little mountain lakes. From there we drove the North Cascades Highway to the Upper Skagit Valley.
Birch Bay, Washington 2004-07-19 Birch Bay, Washington
This small seaside resort community is located in northwest Washington. We are about 5 miles from Blaine which is the last town in the United States before crossing into Canada.
The Kids Visit 2004-07-28 The Kids Visit
Chris, Mel and Noah flew up to La Conner, Washington to spend a week with us. What fun it was being together again after 1-1/2 months. We were totally amazed at all of the new things Noah was doing.
La Conner, Washington 2004-08-04 La Conner, Washington
The La Conner campground that we love so much is actually located on the Swinomish Indian Reservation on Fidalgo Island. Although we aren't allowed to fish or clam, we certainly enjoyed watching the Indians bring in their take. We also had the opportunity to once again enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets over the water.
Pacific City, Oregon 2004-08-19 Pacific City, Oregon
The Pacific City campground sits amid towering spruce trees and overlooks the ocean.
Columbia River Gorge Area 2004-08-23 Columbia River Gorge Area
The Columbia River is the boundary between Washington and Oregon. This scenic area consists of about 292,000 acres of sheer cliffs, mountainous forestland, hilly deciduous woods and grassy plains.
Central Oregon 2004-08-27 Central Oregon
No matter how often we visit, this area only leaves us with wanting more. In Central Oregon you can count on high-desert sunshine, spectacular mountain vistas, sparkling lakes, volcanic evidence and forests that cover areas as big as whole states.
Newport, Oregon 2004-09-09 Newport, Oregon
Nestled between the Coast Range and the Pacific Ocean, Newport has been a hotspot since 1856. There are many natural and/or historical attractions, wonderful beaches, beautiful coastline, fishing and crabbing operations as well as shopping. We've decided this is a part of Oregon that we should have discovered sooner.
Charleston, Oregon 2004-09-13 Charleston, Oregon
Southwest of Coos Bay near Cape Arago is the quaint fishing village of Charleston. This area is known for its safe harbor and is the summer residence to our friends Jim and Suzy Crosby. They spend three months fishing, crabbing and just enjoying the outdoors and the ocean.