Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2004 - The Kids Visit

2004-07-29: Our Sweet Noah

Can you believe Noah is now 8 months old? He seems to always have a smile for whoever takes the time to talk to him. He adapted pretty well to RV'ing though mom and dad reported there were a few nights he didn't sleep too well (Gram and Poppy aren't dumb - we got them their own trailer!)

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2004-07-30: Deception Pass

Since this was Mel's first trip to the Pacific Northwest, we tried to give her a taste of the area. We all walked across the Deception Pass Bridge, which as far as we're concerned is an awesome sight no matter how many times you do it.

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2004-07-31: Noah and Gram

Noah and Gram spent as much time together as possible during the week. Although he isn't crawling yet, he does get up on his knees. He has figured out that if he just rolls he can get anything on the floor he wants. We're pretty sure that by the time we see him again at the end of September he'll be quite mobile and probably have some of his bottom teeth.

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2004-08-01: La Conner Sunset

This area has some of the greatest sunsets and you know how I feel about sunsets :-)

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2004-08-02: Island Hopping

A trip to this area isn't complete without a ride on the Washington State ferry. We went to Friday Harbor and spent a few hours and then took the ferry to Orcas Island.

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