Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2004 - Pacific City, Oregon

2004-08-19: Jeeping The Beach

Here on the coast, many beaches are open to cars. We took the opportunity to give the jeep its first experience on sand. All was going well until we hit a spot where the wheels started spinning. Al put the jeep into 4-wheel drive, we crossed our fingers and with luck we continued on. It really was a fun experience.

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2004-08-19: Coastline

The beaches here are beautiful. With the jeep we can even see more than we ever could on foot.

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2004-08-21: Sewing Time

We were kind of cooped up because of a rainstorm that came through the area so Tryna decided to spend her time working on her quilt. Perhaps by the end of the trip it will be ready to be sewn together.

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2004-08-22: Footsteps in the Sand

It finally stopped raining and the sun came out so Tryna decided to take a hike up the dunes that are just outside our campsite. The walking was a little easier than usual since it had just rained.

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2004-08-22: View from the Top

Reaching the top, I was rewarded with an incredible view of the ocean. It was very quiet up here so I could hear the waves below. What a serene place!

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2004-08-22: Cape Kiwanda

A visit to this area isn't complete without a stop in Cape Kiwanda. Here you can watch the Dory Fleet coming in with their catch (if you time it right) as well as sit and watch The Rock. We were surprised to see how many surfers there were in this area this year.

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