Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Europe - Brighton

2005-05-09: Sussex Coaster

Stella and her friend Glenn live in the apartment above his pub, the Sussex Coaster. We love the English pubs but to have the opportunity to stay at one was a new and different experience for us.

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2005-05-09: Quiz Night

Quiz night at the pub means serious trivia competition. We agreed to team up with Pearl and Tom but found that we weren't much help since most of the questions were too English in nature for us from across the pond. Here Tryna relaxes with some of Stella's teammates (who by the way won first place).

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2005-05-12: Barmaid

Tryna tries out a new profession!

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2005-05-12: Family Photo Op

How nice it was to have the family together. Karen was the only one missing but we did get to see her earlier in the trip.

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