Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton


Location Date Description
Coastal England 2005-04-18 Coastal England
Al's sister and brother-in-law have retired to coastal England east of London. They are situated at the mouth of the Thames on the North Sea. We spent our time here visiting and seeing the sights of this area.
Portugal 2005-04-24 Portugal
We spent a week in the Algarve with Pearl and Tom at their timeshare. It was an opportunity for us to discover a new country with its hidden villages, beautiful countryside and its people. A busy but wonderful week.
Scotland 2005-05-02 Scotland
Upon returning to England, we immediately flew to Glasglow, rented a car and began an 8 day tour to see as much of Scotland as we could.
Brighton 2005-05-09 Brighton
We flew back to England and went to Brighton to stay with Al's niece for a few days. Here we are again on the coast but this time we're staying in a pub.