Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Our First Trip - Cheyenne, Wyoming

2001-07-07: Cheyenne Trolley

Cheyenne looks exactly as we figured a western town would look. Old brick buildings with a history. We took a 2 hour trolley tour with David as our guide.

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2001-07-07: The Episcopal Church

This church is said to be haunted. When one of the stone masons fell to his death, another encaswed him in cement in the wall. Recent x-rays of the wall have proved the story true. His ghost is said to "haunt" the church.

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2001-07-07: Great Bronze Statues

This is one of many bronze statues outside the Old West Museum. At the museum, we were able to see many wagons anbd carriages which will be in the 105th Frontier Day Parade in a few weeks.

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2001-07-08: Big Boy 4004

This huge steam engine was retired in 1956 came to rest in Halliday Park. It was built in 1941, weighs 1,208,750 pounds, is 132 feet long, has a fuel capacity of 28 tons and a water capacity of 25,000 gallons. What a sight!

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2001-07-08: Another Bronze

We spotted this bronze of a mother and children feeding a squirrel in the park.

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