Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Our First Trip

Location Date Description
The Beginning 2001-07-02 The adventure begins!
Wyoming 2001-07-03 Moving East
Cheyenne, Wyoming 2001-07-06 Cheyenne, Wyoming
A typical western town
Torrington, Wyo 2001-07-09 Torrington, Wyo
Rapid City, SD 2001-07-10 Rapid City, SD
North Dakota 2001-07-16 North Dakota
Minnesota 2001-07-19 Minnesota
Land of 10,000 lakes
Minnesota Northshore 2001-07-23 Beautiful Lake Superior
Wisconsin 2001-07-25 Wisconsin Southshore
Lake Michigamme, Michigan 2001-07-27 Lake Michigamme
Michigan Upper Peninsula 2001-08-01 Michigan Upper Peninsula
Toronto, Canada 2001-08-03 Toronto, Canada
Kingston, Ontario 2001-08-09 Kingston, Ontario
Gananoque, Ontario 2001-08-13 Gananoque, Ontario
Wolfe Island 2001-08-14 Wolfe Island
Ottawa, Canada 2001-08-16 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
More Ottawa 2001-08-21 More Ottawa
Quebec 2001-08-21 Quebec
Grand Falls 2001-08-24 Grand Falls, N.B.
St. Martins, N.B. 2001-08-27 St. Martins, N.B.
Bay of Fundy 2001-08-28 Bay Of Fundy
Prince Edward Island 2001-08-28 Prince Edward Island
The Cabot Trail 2001-09-03 The Cabot Trail
Highland Village 2001-09-04 Highland Village
Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia 2001-09-06 Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Lighthouse Route 2001-09-08 Nova Scotia Lighthouse Route
St. John Area 2001-09-14 St. John, NB Area
Acadia National Park 2001-09-17 Acadia National Park
Lobster Bake and More 2001-09-18 Lobster Bake and More
The Moose Quest Continues 2001-09-20 The Moose Quest Continues
Vermont 2001-09-23 Vermont
Cape Cod and Plymouth 2001-09-25 Cape Cod and Plymouth
Hershey, PA 2001-10-09 Hershey, PA
Shenandoah Valley 2001-10-15 Shenandoah Valley
Great Smoky Mountains 2001-10-22 Great Smoky Mountains
Nashville 2001-10-25 Nashville Area
Memphis 2001-10-30 Memphis
Hot Springs 2001-11-01 Hot Springs
Lake Whitney,Texas 2001-11-07 Lake Whitney,Texas
San Antonio 2001-11-25 San Antonio
Movin' West 2001-12-06 Movin' West
Tombstone 2001-12-12 Tombstone
Casa Grande Ruins and Home 2001-12-14 Casa Grande Ruins and Home