Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Our First Trip - North Dakota

2001-07-16: Roosevelt National Park

The North Dakota badlands are totally different than those in South Dakota. Here there are rock formations as well as grasses, trees, wildflowers and wildlife.

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2001-07-16: N.D. Badlands

Beauty abounds in this wonderful national park.

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2001-07-16: Prairie Dog Towns

It was so fascinating to see a real prairie dog town after teaching about them for so many years. The little critters are cute.

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2001-07-16: Wild Puff

Wildflowers abound in the park. We are intrigued by these huge puffs which resemble dandelions but are much larger.

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2001-07-17: Close Buffalo!

We back through the park in the early evening and saw buffalo up close and personal! It was scary as the herd walked to either side of our car. We also saw elk, mule deer and wild horses.

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2001-07-18: Rugby, N.D.

This little town claims to be the geographical center of North America.

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