Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Our First Trip - Tombstone

2001-12-12: Tombstone Green

The gazebo was decked out for Christmas with REAL snow from last night! Yes the white stuff looks pretty as long as we don't have to shovel it. The snow on the mountains as we drove here was very pretty but to see snow on the ground surprised us since we didn't think we were at a high enough elevation.

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2001-12-12: Tombstone, Arizona

This western mining town made famous by the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday is taken right out of a picture book. The courthouse was built in 1882 and today houses an incredible museum you could get lost in. We came away in awe of the building and with the history of the area running through our brains.

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2001-12-12: Ride 'Em Al

Here is Al pretending to be one of the cattlemen in the early days of Tombstone. He doesn't exactly fit the part but he was having fun!

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2001-12-12: Hafford's Saloon

This is the actual bar from Hafford's Saloon. We were amazed at how good the wood looked after so many years. Tombstone was home to many saloons in it's heyday.

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2001-12-12: OK Corral

This is the site of the famous shootout at OK Corral. After reading about the shootout in the museum we were surprised to learn that it did not in fact take place in the corral but rather out on the street!

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2001-12-12: The White Stuff Falls

We walked out of the museum to find white stuff falling from the sky! The weathermen here aren't any better than the ones in LA - no one said anything about snow today. Since we didn't have chains for Toady, we decided to head back to the motorhome instead of continuing on our drive to Bisbee. Guess we'll have to see that another time.

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