Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Our First Trip - Vermont

2001-09-24: Vermont Colors

The drive from northern New Hampshire to Southern Vermont was most enjoyable. Although we were on a freeway type road for most of the journey, the surrounding area was rural. Lots of farms, rivers and color.

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2001-09-24: Chester Depot

The village of Chester Depot has a row of wonderful stone buildings. There was this church, a schoolhouse which has been converted into a home and about 10-12 homes. We were not able to find out why this particular village has these buildings - perhaps long ago a group of stone masons settled in the area. At any rate, it was wonderful to see.

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2001-09-24: Vermont Covered Bridges

Vermont's covered bridges look totally different than those we've seen elsewhere. Most of them are red, they all have mostly solid sides with small cutouts and have been refurbished. All of the covered bridges we were able to find are still in use today. This is the Paper Mill Bridge which is located in Bennington.

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2001-09-24: Bennington Memorial

The Bennington Memorial was built in the 1860's to commemorate the colonialists victory in the Battle of Bennington (1777). It stands about 300 feet tall and is shaped much like the Washington Monument. We were able to take this photo with the spire of the Congregational Church from about 200 feet up.

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2001-09-24: Newfane Green

The Newfane green and its typical New England look remains the same. We frequented this area when we were first married and came up to this area often to ski.

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