Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Our First Trip - Gananoque, Ontario

2001-08-13: Howe Island Barn

We are enthralled with the great old barns we are seeing. This is one of the many we saw on Howe Island.

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2001-08-13: 1000 Islands

Although this area is called Thousand Islands, there are actually 1800 islands in the chain. According to what we heard, the requirement to be an island is it must be surrounded by water, have at least two trees on it and be at least 6 square feet. This island not only had a home but also a neat lighthouse.

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2001-08-13: Lake Gulls

Obviously this is a different species of gull than we are used to since this is all fresh water. They look the same and act the same though. These were drafting off the boat and just soaring with no wing power.

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2001-08-13: Boldt Castle

George Boldt bought an island, blasted the island until it was in the shape of a heart and built this castle for his wife. Unfortunately, she died unexpectedly just prior to the completion of the building. Today the castle is under the auspices of the New York Bridge Authority and can be toured by passengers on the island tour. The boat house, which occupied another island was as spectacular as the castle itself.

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2001-08-13: Another Island

In a treaty between the US and Canada, the 1000 Islands and the water surrounding them was divided equally between the two countries. How do they know where the boundary is since there was no orange boundary line painted on the water?

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2001-08-13: Howe Island Ferry

There are several larger islands off the mainland that are accessible by ferry. Wolf Island is one of them. On our way to Gananoque and the 1000 Islands, we drove the length of Howe Island. We got to the island on an 8 car ferry and left it on one that held only 3 cars.

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