Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Our First Trip - Hot Springs

2001-11-02: Our View

The campground we stayed in near Hot Springs, Arkansas was located on Lake Hamilton. You are looking at the view from our motorhome. With the summer like weather, what more could one ask for.

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2001-11-02: Clean Up Time

Every so often we have to break down and do a thorough cleaning inside and out. I would say that Al had the better view for this task than Tryna did. As you can see, we're catching the fall colors here. Not the brilliant reds we've seen, but pretty none the less.

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2001-11-02: Our Dock

Each campsite had its own boat dock and this one is ours.

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2001-11-03: Bathhouse Row

This area was rich in thermal waters which in the early 1900's were thought to be therapeutic and good for the body. Eight bathhouses were built side by side at the base of the mountain with the hot springs. Their motto was "We bathe the world" and people from all walks of life, the rich, the famous, the gangsters and even ordinary people came to take advantage of the healing powers of the thermal waters. The National Park Service bought the land and uses Fordyce Bathhouse as its visitor center. Here one can visit the rooms used long ago and learn about the different services obtained. Fascinating!!

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2001-11-03: Cooling Room

Here you can see some of the original equipment used in the taking of the baths. We actually went to the Buckstaff Bathhouse down the street and had the experience. It was incredible!! The activities we participated in were the whirlpool mineral bath, hot packs, sitz bath, vapor cabinet, steam room, needle shower and massage. This was the life!

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