Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Our First Trip - Wolfe Island

2001-08-14: Toad Rides The Ferry

Here is the toad on the way to Wolfe Island. Another free ferry! This one holds 55 cars and reminds us of the ferries in the Puget Sound. Took about 20 minutes from Kingston to Wolfe Island.

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2001-08-14: Kingston Skyline

This is the Kingston Skyline from the ferry. You can see the city hall dome along with the more modern buildings. Notice the Martello tower in the front.

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2001-08-14: An Old Farmhouse

We loved this island. We drove Route 96 to the eastern tip. It was so cool toward the end of the road with the water on both sides of us. We came upon this great old farmhouse along the way. We will not bore you with more barns but we did see (and photograph) some more beauties.

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