Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Our First Trip - Highland Village

2001-09-04: Short Jaunt

On our way to the Highland Village we came to the end of the highway and a ferry across to the other side. This was rather a surprise since it showed a road all the way on the map. Here in Nova Scotia you pay for all the ferry rides regardless of how short a trip it is. This cable ferry crossed the St. Patricks Channel.

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2001-09-04: Highland Village

Highland Village was an opportunity for us to learn more about the path of the immigrant Scot in this area. There were 10 historic buildings with costumed staff who helped us understand the energy, strength of character and love of home and family of these pioneers. The structures that have been moved onto the property date from 1790 -1900. This was like a living timeline. Here Tryna is behind the teacher's desk again (smile).

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2001-09-04: What Is Flax?

After teaching the story "The Ox Cart Man" for so many years and not knowing anything more about flax than that it has a blue flower and is used to make linen, Tryna now has a first hand understand of flax. Here you see bundles of the plant as well as the carded flax which is ready to be spun.

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2001-09-04: St. Andrews Channel

A view of St. Andrews Channel from Highland Village.

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