Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Our First Trip - Quebec

2001-08-23: Levis to Quebec

We're staying across the St. Lawrence from Quebec near the town of Levis. We took the ferry to lower Quebec City.

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2001-08-23: Le Chateau Frontenac

A view of the chateau from lower Quebec. This old hotel has over 600 rooms. We've stayed in it's sister hotel in Ottawa and Victoria in years past. Very elegant places.

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2001-08-23: Wall Mural

This orchestra was performing military music down one of the quaint cobblestone streets of lower Quebec. They were on a stage in front of this incredible wall mural. We couldn't believe the details in the work.

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2001-08-23: Street Musician

This fellow was playing wonderful music on glasses. He used a meat baster to add and delete water when he tuned his "instrument".

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2001-08-23: Lower Quebec Street

A view of one of the many narrow, cobblestone streets in lower Quebec.

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2001-08-23: Neat Old Tavern

We stopped in this old tavern in lower Quebec to rest a while. It was built in 1795 of brick inside and out. The ceiling was rounded and also brick. A really cool place.

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