Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Our First Trip - Grand Falls

2001-08-24: Farm Feet

Driving from the Quebec area to Grand Falls in New Brunswick we passed many beautiful farms. This is just one example.

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2001-08-24: Moose Crossing

I couldn't resist including a "Moose Crossing" sign in our photo journal. Now if we could just see a moose!

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2001-08-24: Grand Falls

This is the St. John River in Grand Falls. Imagine the falls in the early spring just as the ice is breaking up and they release the water. They generate enough hydro here to supply not only New Brunswick but also Nova Scotia, parts of Maine and parts of Quebec. Hmmm this is what we need in California!!

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2001-08-24: A View Of The Gorge

This is a great view of the gorge that the water from the falls has carved. Picture this same view with water up to the vegetation line - that's how it looks in the spring.

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2001-08-26: Something Has Changed

The area surrounding Grand Falls is famous for potato growing. Believe it or not, these potatoes are way better than the russets we buy at home. We miss potato harvest by about a month which is too bad. For those of you who know Tryna well, you quickly realize that the temperatures have dropped considerably since she is wearing socks! The low last night was 40.1 - great sleeping weather.

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2001-08-26: Covered Bridge

This 100 year old covered bridge is located in Hartland, New Brunswick. According to everything we read, it is the world's longest covered bridge at 1282 feet. We saw it as we crossed the St. John River on Route 2. We're heading for Sussex today where we will have the opportunity to see more covered bridges though none as long as this one.

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