Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Our First Trip - St. John Area

2001-09-14: City Market, St. John

This building and the city market has been in this location, in this building since 1876. The facility, which has always contained a farmers market, has been in operation every day since it opened. It reminded us a lot of the Los Angeles Farmers Market. We had the opportunity to taste test a snack from this area called dulse - it's seaweed!

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2001-09-14: Westfield Ferry

To get to our campground on Kingston Peninsula we had to take the Westfield ferry. It was strange pulling our rig with the car attached onto this little ferry. It was free and ran 24 hours a day.

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2001-09-14: Hardings Point View

Although we were not right on the riverbank this time, we had a great view of the St. John River from our campsite.

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2001-09-15: Another Ferry

Driving on Kingston Peninsula, we found another ferry which crossed the Kennebecasis River. We took it and were invited to the bridge. The captain of the ferry let Tryna steer for a while. Al claims she put an "S" in the wake.

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2001-09-15: Deer Island

We took a ferry to Deer Island where we got to see some wonderful harbors, fishing boats, other small island and some deer. It was a delightful side trip.

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2001-09-15: Blacks Harbor

Blacks Harbor, a wonderful little place along Route 1, was on our way to the Maine border.

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