Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Europe - Spring 2008 - Leikanger

2008-06-08: 15-Mile Tunnel

As I said, Norway is the home of tunnels. On our way to Leikanger we went through this 15-mile tunnel that had lighted breaks. There were two that were blue caverns with a yellow section that represented the fjord and the sun rising and then this green one which was representative of the trees and the sun.

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2008-06-08: Fjord

A view of the fjord from the hotel.

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2008-06-08: Dinner

Dinner together tonight was fun as we all caught up on the events of the day while enjoying a 3-course meal.

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2008-06-09: View

We visited a farm near the hotel that was situated high on a hill affording an incredible view of the hotel and fjord below.

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2008-06-09: Viking Mound

As we walked around our guide pointed out several Viking mounds (burial places). She said that it was thought that these mounds had been raided years ago so the archeologists weren't really interested in them. She also told us that Norway has so many warehouses full of Viking riches taken from plots that they really don't want to excavate more.

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2008-06-09: Leffsa

The farm we visited was part of a cluster farm, an area with 3-4 farms of related family members. This particular family raised sheep, had fruit orchards, did tours such as ours and had a small restaurant which could be booked for private affairs. We got to have homemade apple cider which they had processed themselves as well as homemade leffsa - YUM.

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