Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Europe - Spring 2008

Location Date Description
England 2008-05-25 England
A week on the Southeast coast of England
Copenhagen 2008-06-01 Copenhagen
Kobenhavn, the city of green spires and pedestrian malls.
Odense and Alborg 2008-06-03 Odense and Alborg
From the Island of Funen to the Jutland Peninsula
Stavanger 2008-06-04 Stavanger
Norway's oil capital
Bergen 2008-06-05 Bergen
The Capital of the Fjords
Sognefjord 2008-06-07 Sognefjord
The beauty of the Sognefjord is incredible
Leikanger 2008-06-08 Leikanger
Our hotel in Leikanger was right on the Sognefjord
Geiranger 2008-06-09 Geiranger
A magnificent setting on the fjord
Lillehammer 2008-06-10 Lillehammer
Known as the venue of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games
Oslo 2008-06-11 Oslo
Norway's capital offers a lively mix of city attractions with magnificent forests, ski trails and the Oslo Fjord close at hand.
Stockholm 2008-06-13 Stockholm
Sweden's capital is a city of islands