Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2011

Location Date Description
Salt Lake City 2011-06-23 Salt Lake City
We've never toured the Salt Lake area. Since we now have friends who live here so we made this our first stop.
Grand Teton National Park 2011-06-30 Grand Teton National Park
The parks 485 square miles include eight large lakes, glaciers, snowfields and extensive forests.
Calgary Area 2011-07-06 Calgary Area
Calgary was once considered a cow town but is now a modern city of skyscrapers with rural farming suburbs.
Westward 2011-07-20 Westward
We're taking a slow trip westward to the Washington coast.
La Conner 2011-08-03 La Conner
La Conner, Washington on the Puget Sound is by far one of our favorite places to spend time and this year is no exception.
Birch Bay/Blaine Area 2011-08-24 Birch Bay/Blaine Area
Blaine is the last town before crossing into BC, Canada. It sits on the shore and has the feel of a "beach town". We've been here before but have never done much looking around so this is our chance.
La Conner 2011-08-31 La Conner
Back again to one of our favorite places to RV in the whole country - La Conner, Washington.
Ocean Shores 2011-09-19 Ocean Shores
Located at the base of the Olympic Peninsula, Ocean Shores is your typical beach town.
The Discovery Coast 2011-09-25 The Discovery Coast
The Discovery Coast, commonly known as the Long Beach Peninsula, is a sandspit formed by the combined actions of sand carried from the Columbia River and the strong northerly currents.
Seaside, Oregon 2011-09-29 Seaside, Oregon
Seaside, established in 1805, was Oregon's first seashore resort and continues to be a popular destination for many.
Newport, Oregon 2011-10-06 Newport, Oregon
Newport was founded in 1865 and is home to some of the most beautiful Oregon coastline.
Bandon, Oregon 2011-10-16 Bandon, Oregon
Bandon was rebuilt in 1936 after a devastating fire destroyed the entire business district as well as most of the residences. Today it has the feel of a small town but has a lot to offer. It is known as the Cranberry Capital of Oregon.