Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2014

Location Date Description
Kingman, Arizona 2014-06-16 Kingman, Arizona
Kingman, Arizona was established in 1882 and remains popular as the main stop on the longest existing stretch of historic Route 66.
Williams, Arizona 2014-06-19 Williams, Arizona
Williams is most famous as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. Its other claim to fame is that it was the last town in America along historic Route 66 to be bypassed by the freeway. Because we had visited the Grand Canyon with the kids during spring break, we decided to explore other things.
Cortez, Colorado 2014-06-23 Cortez, Colorado
Cortez is known as the Gateway to Mesa Verde National Park. Mesas as well as cultivated land surround this area. Ranching, tourism and light manufacturing support the local economy
Ouray, Colorado 2014-06-27 Ouray, Colorado
Ouray was originally established by miners chasing silver and gold in the surrounding mountains. The town at one time boasted more horses and mules than people. Prospectors arrived in the area in 1875 and at the height of the mining, Ouray had more than 30 active mines. Nestled in the San Juan Mountains, the town is affectionately known as the "Switzerland of America". Ouray offers soaring mountain peaks and air so clear, every detail of the craggy pinnacles surrounding town can be seen. Main Street is registered as a National Historic District with most of the buildings dating back to the late nineteenth century.
Vernal, Utah 2014-07-07 Vernal, Utah
Vernal is an area of ancient geologic interest. The bricks for the Vernal Bank on Main Street were sent by parcel post from Salt Lake City in 1919. The colorful pots of petunias hanging from the light posts makes one feel welcome.
Grand Tetons, Wyoming 2014-07-10 Grand Tetons, Wyoming
The Tetons are among the youngest mountains on the continent. Few mountain ranges have a greater variety of glaciated canyons than the Tetons.
Yellowstone Area 2014-07-14 Yellowstone Area
Yellowstone's past, present and future lies in volcanism. The central part of the park is actually a 30 by 40-mile caldera formed by huge volcanic eruptions that occurred here some 640,000 years ago. That being said, it is probably better known for its wildlife and buffalo jams!
Butte, Montana 2014-07-18 Butte, Montana
Silver Bow Creek's gold and silver first brought the mineral wealth of remote Butte to the attention of the world but it was copper that gave Butte the distinction of "the richest hill on earth".
Heading West 2014-07-22 Heading West
There was a huge fire in Washington that closed not only the road we were going to travel but also some of the campgrounds we were going to stop at so being flexible we rerouted ourselves and began our trip west to the coast.
La Conner Washington Area 2014-08-01 La Conner Washington Area
Tucked between the Cascade mountain range to the east and the San Juan Islands to the west, and within the Skagit River delta and along the Swinomish Channel, the La Conner area's ever-changing landscape moves from stunning sunrises, to the soft greens of the farmland, to the lush forests, to the vivid blues of sky and water ... all set to the backdrop of majestic 12,000' Mount Baker. And this is why we keep coming back again and again.
Monroe Area 2014-08-18 Monroe Area
The history of Monroe is intertwined with that of the Great Northern Railway which pushed over the Cascade Range at Stevens Pass and worked its way down the Skykomish River Valley. The town itself was incorporated in 1902 with a population of about 325. Today agriculture and tourism sustain this area.
La Conner Again 2014-08-25 La Conner Again
As you may or may not know, the La Conner area of Washington is one of our favorites so we try to spend a lot of time here. This trip we will have been here for close to 6-weeks total which is good but we could have stayed longer.
Mount St. Helen Area 2014-09-15 Mount St. Helen Area
We have not been to Mount St. Helens for quite some time so we decided to take a few days and revisit the volcano we vividly remember erupting in 1980.
Ocean Shores 2014-09-17 Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores is a bit south of the Olympic National Park and on the ocean.
Seaside, Oregon 2014-09-21 Seaside, Oregon
At the turn of the last century, affluent Portlanders hopped steamer to Astoria via the Columbia River, then boarded a stagecoach for Seaside, Oregon's first seaside town. Today Seaside is a bustling beach town with a wonderful 1-1/2 mile walkway along the beach known locally as "the prom".
Pacific City 2014-10-05 Pacific City
Pacific City, at the southern end of the Three Capes Scenic Loop, is famous for the dory fishing boats that are launched directly into the surf.
Newport 2014-10-07 Newport
Newport has been a beach playground for visitors since 1882 when it was incorporated. Nestled between the Coast Mountains, Pacific Ocean and Yaquina Bay, we never get tired of the natural beauty of this area.