Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Around the US 2016

Location Date Description
Home to Big Bend 2016-03-04 Home to Big Bend
Since this trip is all about seeing places we've missed in our beautiful country, we made it quickly to Big Bend National Park.
Del Rio to Austin 2016-03-12 Del Rio to Austin
Finding interesting places as we move across this big state of Texas.
Dallas to Meridian, Mississippi 2016-03-16 Dallas to Meridian, Mississippi
Due to torrential rain and flooding, I-10 was totally closed at the Texas/Louisiana border forcing us to reroute our trip and once again miss New Orleans.
To St. Augustine 2016-03-23 To St. Augustine
The trip east to St. Augustine, Florida took us through small towns and away from the Interstate. St. Augustine, Florida, holds the distinction of being the first permanent European settlement in the continental United States.
Savannah, Georgia 2016-03-28 Savannah, Georgia
Savannah was established in 1733 according to a plan of squares devised by James Oglethorpe and is the oldest city in the state. Its cobblestone streets, squares and notable historic buildings is like a magnet for visitors.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 2016-03-31 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Myrtle Beach is the hub of the Grand Strand, a 60-mile string of beaches on the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina. It's known for its golf courses and sandy beaches.
Brunswick Islands and Cape Fear Coast, North Carolina 2016-04-04 Brunswick Islands and Cape Fear Coast, North Carolina
From the historic river district that winds around Cape Fear River to the colorful island beaches, this area seems to speak, surround and transform visitors.
New Bern and the Outer Banks 2016-04-07 New Bern and the Outer Banks
New Bern was full of history and the Outer Banks had beaches, sand and lighthouses.
Virginia 2016-04-14 Virginia
Our trip first took us to eastern Virginia and then to the west.
Central Pennsylvania 2016-04-22 Central Pennsylvania
Neatly painted farmhouses dot the countryside of central Pennsylvania. Whitewashed fences outline pastures making the landscape look like a patchwork quilt of squares and rectangles where crops are growing.
Milford, Connecticut 2016-04-24 Milford, Connecticut
I consider Milford my home even though I was born in New Haven. Milford was purchased in 1639 from Ansantawae, chief of the Paugussets, an Algonquian tribe, by English settlers affiliated with New Haven Colony. It was originally known as Wepawaug, after the small river which runs through town. The first grist mill was built in 1640 and the Stow House, circa 1700 is believed to be the oldest house in Milford.
Heading West 2016-04-30
Starting to make our way west slowly! Our changed route includes a stop in Iowa at the Winnebago factory to hopefully get our slide fixed.
Indianapolis 2016-05-06 Indianapolis
We could not possibly be in this area and not spend some time with my brother and his family.
The Twin Cities 2016-05-11 The Twin Cities
The Minneapolis/St Paul area was the former flour milling capital of the world but today is wealthy in culture and diversity. Had we been here a week earlier, we would have seen all the tributes to Prince who haled from this area. Friends we met on our trip to Scandinavia are from this area and became our personal tour guides.
The Dakotas 2016-05-18 The Dakotas
With our slide fixed, it is time to move on. The Dakota Territory was split in 1889 and North and South Dakota became individual states. They are similar but yet different in many ways.
Montana 2016-05-25
Montana, known as Big Sky Country, enjoys the best of both worlds: the snow capped mountains with their craggy peaks and expansive, dizzying prairie grasslands.
Eastern Washington 2016-06-07 Eastern Washington
We've never spent too much time in Eastern Washington because it's usually too hot but since it's early in the summer we decided to stop and visit.
La Conner Area 2016-06-18 La Conner Area
We got to stay with our friends on Whidbey Island while our coach was in getting a new turbo charger. When we finally got it back, we went to La Conner, one of our favorite places in the Pacific Northwest.
Oregon 2016-07-13 Oregon
Because we are just trying to get slowly home so Al can get to the doctor, we really aren't doing much sight seeing. I have taken the opportunity to take a few pictures which I hope you'll enjoy.
California 2016-07-27 California
The last legs of our quick (for us) trip south to get Al to the doctor take us through the Golden State, California.