Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2010

Location Date Description
Zion National Park 2010-06-16 Zion National Park
The green canyons, red cliffs and blue skies of Zion can stop you in your tracks!
Bryce National Park 2010-06-18 Bryce National Park
Bryce offers stunning geological panoramas.
Capitol Reef National Park 2010-06-21 Capitol Reef National Park
Early explorers described this area as an "impassable reef" of rock that coined the park's name.
Moab, Utah 2010-06-24 Moab, Utah
Moab is tucked into a valley at the foot of red cliffs and the La Sal Mountains. The discovery of uranium in the 50's changed it into a bustling town. Today tourism keeps it going.
Vernal, Utah 2010-06-26 Vernal, Utah
Vernal is an area of ancient and renewed geologic interest with many native petroglyphs and mineral deposits.
Flaming Gorge, Utah 2010-06-29 Flaming Gorge, Utah
Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area was established in 1968. Our time here was spent dry camping in a Forest Service Park - the silence was a respite from other parks we've camped in.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 2010-07-02 Cheyenne, Wyoming
From its rough and tumble beginnings in 1867, Cheyenne has grown to approximately 55,000 residents. It is a town steeped in history and one in which you can still see and enjoy homes from the early days.
Forest City, Iowa 2010-07-10 Forest City, Iowa
Forest City is the home of the Winnebago Factory and the site of their annual Grand National Rally.
Badlands, South Dakota 2010-07-23 Badlands, South Dakota
The Badlands are a place of extremes, a place of color, a place of quiet, a place of beauty.
Rapid City, South Dakota 2010-07-28 Rapid City, South Dakota
Rapid City was founded in 1876 just two years after gold was discovered in the Black Hills.
Yellowstone National Park 2010-08-08 Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone was the world's first national park. It contains incredible geysers, lakes, waterfalls, panoramic vistas and a remarkable diversity of wildlife.
Glacier National Park 2010-08-13 Glacier National Park
Located along the continental divide, Glacier truly is the crown of the continent.
La Conner, Washington Area 2010-08-24 La Conner, Washington Area
This picturesque fishing port dates back to 1868. Hops and oats were early boom crops while today flower bulbs, especially tulips, are an important crop. This area on the Puget Sound is one of our favorite places to RV.
Monroe, Washington 2010-09-12 Monroe, Washington
Monroe was established in 1902 and is today an antiquing mecca. We used to think of it as a sleepy hamlet but today it has become quite busy. We stop here to visit friends.
Southern Washington Coast 2010-09-15 Southern Washington Coast
We spent some time in Southern Washington on the sandy Ocean Shores peninsula and then some on the 25-mile Long Beach Peninsula.
Northern Oregon Coast 2010-09-22 Northern Oregon Coast
The north coast of Oregon is the land of wonderful beaches and rugged headlands.
Newport, Oregon 2010-10-05 Newport, Oregon
Tidal estuaries and long sandy beaches accented by rocky headlands and distant scenic offshore rock formations. That is Newport, Oregon!
Port Orford 2010-10-12 Port Orford
Cape Blanco Head makes Port Orford the most westerly city in Oregon.