Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2015

Location Date Description
From Home to the Coast 2015-06-22 From Home to the Coast
Had a bit of a heat wave as we made our way up route 395, then across southern Oregon heading toward the coast.
Florence, Oregon 2015-07-01
Florence is a quaint Oregon coastal town that was established in 1893. It is located at the mouth of the Siuslaw River.
Newport, Oregon 2015-07-07 Newport, Oregon
Spread across a blunt, ridged peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and Yaquina Bay, Newport has been a resort community for more than 100 years
Seaview/Long Beach, Washington 2015-07-14 Seaview/Long Beach, Washington
Seaview, the gate to the Long Beach peninsula, is a town that arose in 1881 from one settler from Ohio looking to run a vacation resort within view of the ocean.
Monroe, Washington 2015-07-21 Monroe, Washington
Monroe is probably best known as the home of the Evergreen State Fairgrounds and Speedway, but for us it is a place in the lush Skykomish River Valley where we can enjoy not only the area but also the company of my high school friend Sally.
La Conner, Washington 2015-07-27 La Conner, Washington
La Conner was first settled in May 1867 by Alonzo Low and was then known by its post office name, Swinomish. In 1869, J.S. Conner bought the settlement's trading post and in 1870 had the name changed to honor his wife, Louisa Ann Conner. The French-appearing "La" representing her first- and middle-initials.
Blaine, Washington 2015-08-17 Blaine, Washington
Blaine, a port of entry on Drayton Harbor just south of BC, Canada, was first settled in 1856. Pioneers established the town as a seaport for the west coast logging and fishing industries. The world's largest salmon cannery was operated by the Alaska Packers Association for decades.
La Conner, Washington 2015-08-24 La Conner, Washington
Back to La Conner for another 3-weeks at our little slice of paradise in the Pacific Northwest.
Monroe, Washington 2015-09-14 Monroe, Washington
Back to Monroe for a little more bonding time with old friends.
Seaview, Washington 2015-09-21 Seaview, Washington
We were here earlier in the summer and spent most of our time checking out the Victorians in the area and attending the Sandsations events. Upon our return, we decided to explore some of the Lewis and Clark sites in this area.
Seaside, Oregon 2015-09-28 Seaside, Oregon
The name Seaside is derived from Seaside House, a historic summer resort built in the 1870's by railroad magnate Ben Holladay. The city was incorporated in 1899. We love it here in this little beach town because it reminds us of Milford, our hometown in Connecticut.
Newport, Oregon 2015-10-05 Newport, Oregon
Founded in 1865, Newport has become the largest town on the Central Oregon coast. Its railroad, maritime and highway connections have nurtured its development.
Bandon, Oregon and south 2015-10-13 Bandon, Oregon and south
Bandon is a seacoast town located on the Southern Oregon coast where the Coquille River meets the Pacific. This charming historic town, settled in 1873, abounds with scenic beauty, cranberry bogs and wonderful beach opportunties.