Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2006

Location Date Description
La Conner, Washington 2006-05-26 La Conner, Washington
The La Conner Thousand Trails Campground is one of favorites. Our friends, Jim and Barb Doolittle, met us here to begin our adventure together to Alaska.
The Border to Chetwynd 2006-05-30 The Border to Chetwynd
We decided that we would just make tracks so we could get to Alaska as fast as possible. We began on May 30 and three days later pulled into Dawson Creek, the actual beginning of the Alaska Highway.
Dawson Creek 2006-06-02 Dawson Creek
Dawson Creek, the southern terminus of the Alaska Highway, is where most feel their trip to Alaska begins.
To Watson Lake 2006-06-04 To Watson Lake
Traveling the Alaska Highway gives us the feeling that "we've arrived" as well as the opportunity to see some beautiful scenery as well as our first wildlife!
To The Alaska Border 2006-06-07 To The Alaska Border
Beauty abounds along the Alaska Highway as we make our way northwest to Alaska.
The Alaska Border to Fairbanks 2006-06-12 The Alaska Border to Fairbanks
Our adventure continues as we head toward Fairbanks, the first big city since we began our trip.
Denali National Park 2006-06-18 Denali National Park
Home of Mount McKinley, North America's highest peak, the park covers 9.375 square miles of native wildlife, active glaciers, snowcapped peaks, arctic tundra and awesome wildlife.
Anchorage to Soldotna 2006-06-22 Anchorage to Soldotna
Anchorage is Alaska's largest city and is home to almost half of the state's residents. It's certainly not a dazzling metropolis, but the downtown area was abloom with flowers both in the ground and in hanging baskets. Soldotna, on the other hand was a lazy little town but the place to go for fishing.
Homer to Kasilof 2006-06-27 Homer to Kasilof
Homer Pennock landed a party of gold and coal prospectors in Homer in 1896. No gold was found but an abundance of coal was discovered. Today, Homer, which is on Kachemak Bay, a 30-mile arm of lower Cook Inlet, prides itself as being the Halibut capital of the world. Kachemak is an Aleut word said to mean smoky bay,
Seward 2006-07-05 Seward
Seward, a picturesque community nestled between high mountain ranges on a small rise, is known as the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park.
Valdez 2006-07-09 Valdez
Called the Switzerland of Alaska, Valdez is ringed by snowcapped mountains. It is the northernmost ice-free port in Alaska and the terminus of the pipeline.
To Haines 2006-07-14 To Haines
Haines, a small town cradled in a stunning landscape, built in the path of glaciers, is the heart of the Chilkat Valley and the historic capital of Tlingit Indian culture and art.
To Dawson City 2006-07-20 To Dawson City
Dawson City is a throwback to a gold rush ear. Many of its buildings are designated as national historic sites and the city remains a town of history. Getting there meant beautiful country and some wildlife spottings.
Silver Trail 2006-07-26 Silver Trail
The spring of 1898 found thousands of prospectors in the Yukon hoping to strike it rich in the gold fields near Bonanza Creek. Others decided to make their way up the Stewart River where the Yukon's first gold rush had occurred in 1883. The miners began to find silver-lead crystals (galena) in their pans and discovered a rich silver vein in 1919. We decided to follow the Silver Trail.
Cassiar Highway 2006-07-29
This highway is designated a remote highway that traverses through some of the most beautiful scenery in the province of British Columbia. It passes mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes and canyons. About 85% of the 450 miles is hard surface.