Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2008

Location Date Description
On The Way 2008-07-02 On The Way
Our journey from home to Forest City, Iowa
Grand National Rally 2008-07-12 Grand National Rally
Our first Winnebago GNR and was it fun!
Indianapolis 2008-07-27 Indianapolis
A time to visit and explore
Michigan 2008-08-04 Michigan
Leaving family and friends behind, we head north to Michigan in search of beauty and cooler weather.
Minnesota 2008-08-12 Minnesota
A short trip through Minnesota to see what there is to see.
North Dakota 2008-08-15 North Dakota
Highlights of our trip through North Dakota as experienced by a city girl.
Heading To The Coast 2008-08-19 Heading To The Coast
Snippets from our journey to West Washington.
La Conner, Washington 2008-08-26 La Conner, Washington
We think this is probably the most relaxing place in the world and come back year after year. We got our favorite campsite and also got to visit with friends from here and home.
Washington and Oregon Coasts 2008-09-14 Washington and Oregon Coasts
Traveling south we spent some time at Ocean Shores in southern Washington and Seaside in northern Oregon.
Pacific City, Oregon 2008-09-22 Pacific City, Oregon
We didn't get to see Pacific City's famed dory boat fleet this trip but did have fun during our few days here.
Newport, Oregon 2008-09-25 Newport, Oregon
Founded in 1865, Newport has become the largest town on the Central Oregon coast.
Central Oregon 2008-10-03 Central Oregon
Central Oregon is in the high desert and has lots of volcanic history.
Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta 2008-10-13 Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta
This area was reclaimed sometime in the late 1800's/early 1900's using the Chinese labor to build a maze of levees, which created hundreds of islands, a rich agricultural area as well as miles of waterways.
Morgan Hill Area 2008-10-17 Morgan Hill Area
We usually only stop here for a day or two to visit with relatives but this year we decided to stay longer and do some day-tripping to areas we haven't visited for years.