Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Europe 2009

Location Date Description
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2009-04-15 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam is the home of the old and new, canals, houseboats, bikes, museums and tolerance. It is Holland's largest, most modern city but has still maintained its historic heritage.
Hoorn 2009-04-17 Hoorn
The Dutch navy claimed victory over the Spanish here in 1573. It was the birthplace of William Schouten who was the first to round South America's Cape Horn.
Volendam 2009-04-17 Volendam
Volendam is an old Ijsselmeer fishing village that has retained its quaint atmosphere and traditional charm.
Paleis Het Loo 2009-04-18 Paleis Het Loo
The National Museum of Het Loo Palace gives an historical overview of the 300 years during which the ruling family of Netherlands, Orange-Nassaus, lived here.
Nijmegen 2009-04-19 Nijmegen
This is the oldest town in the Netherlands and is built like Rome on seven hills.
Antwerp, Belgium 2009-04-20 Antwerp, Belgium
Belgium is slightly larger than Maryland and one of the smallest countries in Europe. Antwerp is located on the banks of the Schelde and is Belgium's most important port city.
Brugge 2009-04-21 Brugge
Crisscrossed with canals, Brugge is one of the most beautifully preserved medieval cities in Europe. It has cobblestone streets, canals lined with brick houses, ornate gables and quiet courtyards.
Ghent 2009-04-21 Ghent
Ghent is located at the junction of several canals and the confluence of the Schelde and Leie Rivers.
Middleburg, The Netherlands 2009-04-22 Middleburg, The Netherlands
The market town of Middleburg, once known as a cloth and wine trading port, is the provincial capital of Zeeland.
Keukenhof Gardens 2009-04-23 Keukenhof Gardens
This 65 acre park boasts an array of more than six million tulips and other flowering plants. The park started 10 years ago when 10 local flower growers were invited by the Mayor to create a "shop window" for the flower industry.
Delft 2009-04-23 Delft
Delft may be the burial place of Kings and Queens but it is known more for its pottery which has been produced here for more than 500 years.
The Algarve, Portugal 2009-04-26 The Algarve, Portugal
Located in southern Portugal on the Atlantic Ocean, the Algarve is a very popular vacation spot for Europeans. Many of the timeshare resorts, like the one we stayed in, are located right on the ocean.