Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2012

Location Date Description
Verde Valley, Arizona 2012-06-13 Verde Valley, Arizona
Nestled along the Verde River, we are surrounded by the red rocks of Sedona, Indian ruins and the Mingus and Hackberry Mountains.
Gallup, New Mexico 2012-06-18 Gallup, New Mexico
Gallup was founded in 1881 as the railhead for the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad. Today it is the "Indian Capital of the World" with one-third its population Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and other tribes.
Cortez, Colorado 2012-06-20 Cortez, Colorado
The town of Cortez rests among the mesas and open expanses of land in the Four Corners region. It has been a trading center for more than 2,000 years although ranching, tourism and light manufacturing support today's economy.
Canon City, Colorado 2012-06-25 Canon City, Colorado
Shadowed and sheltered by a close ring of mountains, Canon City is at the head of the Arkansas Valley where the Arkansas River bursts from its canyon confines to begin a 1,900-mile run to the Mississippi.
Colorado Springs and North Platte, NE 2012-06-28 Colorado Springs and North Platte, NE
Many of the places we wanted to visit in Colorado Springs were closed because of the fires. As a result, we cut our time there short and headed on to North Platte, NE.
Winnebago Pre-Rally Week 2012-07-06 Winnebago Pre-Rally Week
Forest City, Iowa is a small town that comes alive for two weeks in July every year when Winnebagos from all parts of the country arrive for the Grand National Rally. We got here a week early to enjoy some of the local color and food.
Winnebago Grand National Rally 2012-07-15 Winnebago Grand National Rally
There were about 935 motorhomes on the rally grounds for GNR this year. It was a bit humid but we all had lots of fun and kept busy with classes, tours, seminars and socializing.
Traveling East 2012-07-22 Traveling East
The next leg of our journey had us traveling through Iowa, Illinois and Indiana on our way to Indianapolis. It's really sad to see the corn and soybean crops doing so poorly due to the drought.
Indianapolis 2012-07-24 Indianapolis
A chance to visit family and friends
Lake Erie Area 2012-07-30 Lake Erie Area
This is one of the Great Lakes that we've never visited before. It's fun to explore a new area.
Upstate New York and Massachusetts 2012-08-05 Upstate New York and Massachusetts
It's been fun discovering upstate New York and Massachusetts. The only time I've ever been in upstate New York was when I was about 8-years old and my mother wanted to find her old house in Catskill. And then in 4th grade we had a field trip to Sturbridge Village.
Cape Cod 2012-08-12 Cape Cod
Cape Cod to artists is changing moods and patterns of light, color and space. To me, a visitor, it is beaches, sand dunes, lighthouses and beauty.
Milford, Connecticut 2012-08-15 Milford, Connecticut
We are back in our old stomping grounds to check in with old friends and to attend Tryna's 50th high school reunion.
Pennsylvania Dutch Country 2012-08-23 Pennsylvania Dutch Country
The rich farmland of this area was settled by the "plain people" (Amish and Mennonite) in Colonial times. They have retained the convictions and customs of their ancestors which are reflected in their dress, their work and the way they spend their leisure time.
Washington D.C. 2012-08-30 Washington D.C.
Washington D.C. pulses the heartbeat of our nation. It is the people it represents, the freedom it stands for, the history it preserves and the future it promises. The task of forging a visionary capitol of monuments, broad avenues and spacious circles fell upon French-born architect Pierre-Charles L'Enfant. Thanks to him, today we have a gorgeous capitol city.
Eastern Virginia 2012-09-04 Eastern Virginia
Exploring this part of Virginia is like traveling back and forth between the past and the present. Not sure where we fit, but we've had a great week here.
Lynchburg Area 2012-09-11 Lynchburg Area
John Lynch built the first tobacco warehouse in this region in 1757. During the Civil War, the Lynchburg area was a supply base for the Confederate Army. It was also the area where the Civil War ended.
Frankfort/Lexington, Kentucky 2012-09-17 Frankfort/Lexington, Kentucky
Frankfort, the state capitol, is surrounded by wooded hillsides and divided by the S-curve of the Kentucky River as it meanders through the Bluegrass Region. Lexington is the commercial center of Bluegrass Country. It has a rich historical heritage centered on Thoroughbred horses and tobacco.
Western Kentucky 2012-09-21 Western Kentucky
The area called Land Between the Lakes is definitely Kentucky's outdoor playground. It is strip of National Recreation land that is between Kentucky and Barkley Lakes and runs into Tennessee.
Branson, Missouri 2012-09-24 Branson, Missouri
Branson is a small southwestern Missouri bug tucked deep into the hills and hollows of the Ozarks. It is relatively isolated from big cities and major interstates but yet has lots to see and do.
Iowa 2012-09-28 Iowa
Back to Iowa to get work done on the coach but this is a much better time to come here. Beautiful fall weather.
Houston Area 2012-10-06 Houston Area
We first stopped north of Houston on Lake Conroe for some relaxation and to visit family of long-time friends and then went south so we could explore that area and Galveston.
San Antonio Area 2012-10-15 San Antonio Area
Touted as Texas' top travel destination, San Antonio is not only home to the Alamo but also the Riverwalk and another beautifully preserved and restored historic district.
Southern Arizona 2012-10-23 Southern Arizona
Coming through Arizona on the southern route, we took a bit of time to enjoy the desert during a cooler time of the year.