Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2005

Location Date Description
Verde Valley, Arizona 2005-06-14 Verde Valley, Arizona
We usually only visit this area during the cooler months but we had a mission this year - Tryna wanted to reconnect with her college sorority sister Andi who now lives here.
Church Rock, New Mexico 2005-06-17 Church Rock, New Mexico
Just outside Gallup, this little community is home to Red Rock Park.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 2005-06-20 Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe is a special place where one can see not only spectacular mountain views but also historic adobe architecture.
Taos, New Mexico Area 2005-06-23 Taos, New Mexico Area
With Taos being such a big ski area, both Al and I expected to be in the forest while here. Imagine our surprise to find the area more desert than mountain.
Chama, New Mexico Area 2005-06-28 Chama, New Mexico Area
This little village's claim to fame is the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad.
Farmington, New Mexico 2005-07-01 Farmington, New Mexico
We didn't realize when we decided to spend the 4th here that Farmington was such a large city. We don't regret it though because there was much to see and do.
Ouray, Colorado 2005-07-05 Ouray, Colorado
We enjoyed this area so much last year that returning was a given.
Blue Mesa Lake Area, Colorado 2005-07-12 Blue Mesa Lake Area, Colorado
An opportunity to experience another part of Colorado.
Black Hills of South Dakota 2005-07-21 Black Hills of South Dakota
The Black Hills rise from the surrounding plains like an island emerging out of a restless sea.
Wyoming 2005-07-31 Wyoming
Land of deep gorges, impenetrable stands of ponderosa pines, wildlife and open spaces. Its diverse landscape is definitely nature's masterpiece.
Idaho 2005-08-04 Idaho
The first thing to come to mind when one thinks about Idaho is potatoes. That's true but Idaho today still remains one of the country's most isolated and rugged regions.
Moses Lake, Washington 2005-08-12 Moses Lake, Washington
The porosity of the underlying lava rock in this area permitted water to seep from the reservoir behind the Grand Coulee Dam that formed lakes in every depression.
Puget Sound Area 2005-08-18 Puget Sound Area
One of our favorite places in the US is here on the Puget Sound in Northwest Washington. We return year after year and never seem to tire of this area.
Mount Rainier 2005-09-08 Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier, an active volcano, stands as a reminder of the beauty and power of nature. This mountain receives an average of 126 inches of precipitation at the visitor center in Paradise. There are 26 glaciers that cap the mountain as well as dense stands of Douglas fir, western red cedar and western hemlock.
Coastal Oregon 2005-09-11 Coastal Oregon
In our opinion, the coast of Oregon is one of the more spectacular shorelines. As we move southward on Highway 101 we get to see beaches protected by rocky headlands, sand dunes, lighthouses, seals, rock formations in the sea, picturesque sandy beaches with lots of treasures and incredible sunsets.
Charleston, Oregon 2005-09-20 Charleston, Oregon
Fishing, crabbing, and clamming are a way of life here on Coos Bay. Though we're not fisherpeople, we visit this area to spend some time with friends.
Central, Oregon 2005-09-23 Central, Oregon
No matter how often we come to Central Oregon, the area beckons us to return. This year the high desert treated us to very cold nights (low of 26.1) but wonderful sunshiny days.
Crater Lake, Oregon 2005-09-30 Crater Lake, Oregon
Rolling mountains, volcanic peaks and evergreen forests surround this enormous, high Cascade Range lake, recognized worldwide as a scenic wonder. The beauty of this lake brings us back this year for yet another look at the blue, blue water. This famous blue color results from interactions between natural sunlight and the lake's clear deep water. Crater Lake is the 7th deepest lake in the world.
Lassen Volcanic National Park 2005-10-02 Lassen Volcanic National Park
28 years ago when we visited Lassen, we were in awe of all the geothermal activity we saw. Visiting Yellowstone several times since then makes this place tame and now quite so awesome.
Yosemite Area 2005-10-05 Yosemite Area
The area in and around Yosemite National Park embraces a wonder of scenic wildlands. Ranging from 2000 feet to more than 13,000 feet, here you can experience alpine wilderness, giant sequoias, granite outcroppings and a serenity that is almost unbelievable.
Kings Canyon National Park 2005-10-10 Kings Canyon National Park
The landscape of this national park is studded with the largest of trees, the giant sequoia. Many of the trees are more than 200 feet high and some have trunks more than 30 feet in diameter. Grants Grove and the floor of the valley are different but worth visiting.