Salt On The Road
A Travel Photo - Journal Of Tryna and Al Morton

Summer 2009

Location Date Description
Lone Pine, California 2009-06-15 Lone Pine, California
About halfway up the state on Route 395, Lone Pine is home to Mt. Whitney as well as the Alabama Hills.
June Lake, California 2009-06-16 June Lake, California
The June Lake area, where we used to ski in our young and crazy days, has three beautiful lakes.
Mono Lake Area 2009-06-18 Mono Lake Area
John Muir described this area in 1864 as "A country of wonderful contrasts, hot deserts bordered by snow-laden mountains, cinders and ashes scattered on glacier-polished pavement, frost and fire working in the making of beauty". And truly, that is what this area is.
Heading North 2009-06-23 Heading North
We don't usually have things to put on the website when we're traveling from one destination to another but that wasn't the case this time.
Central Oregon 2009-06-26 Central Oregon
This area of Oregon which keeps calling us back is rich in pine forests, lakes, rivers and volcanic evidence.
Monroe, Washington 2009-07-08 Monroe, Washington
We stopped for a few days in Monroe to visit with a high school friend who lives here. We also got to visit with friends from home.
La Conner and Surrounding Area 2009-07-12 La Conner and Surrounding Area
We continue to return to this campground in the pines which is located right on the Skagit Bay because its so calming. We'll be back here in three weeks.
Central Island and Pacific Rim 2009-07-21 Central Island and Pacific Rim
We spent our first week on Vancouver Island in the Central Island region and day tripped to the Pacific Rim.
North Island 2009-07-28 North Island
Gila kas'la means welcome in the Kwakiutl dialect spoken here in the north island and that is how we felt in this paradise of natural splendor.
Campbell River Area 2009-08-04 Campbell River Area
On the mid-east coast of the island, Campbell River is bordered by rugged-mountains and the waterways of the Inside Passage.
La Conner 2009-08-10 La Conner
Back again to our favorite spot in Washington on the Puget Sound for a three-week stay.
Ocean Shores 2009-09-01 Ocean Shores
This 6000 acre 6-mile long, 2-mile wide peninsula only became incorporated in the early 1970's. Costal Indian tribes used this area for clam digging. A little further north in the native community of Taholah there are still tribal beaches.
Seaside, Oregon 2009-09-09 Seaside, Oregon
Seaside was Oregon's first seashore resort and today remains one of the coast's most popular year-round destinations.
Pacific City and Area 2009-09-18 Pacific City and Area
Pacific City is famous for its dory fleet which is launched directly into the surf from the beach. The area is also a great place to watch surfers, beachcomb, and fish and just generally enjoy the view.
Newport, Oregon 2009-09-27 Newport, Oregon
Nestled between the Coast Range and the Pacific Ocean, Newport has been a vacation hotspot since 1856 and one of our favorite places on the Oregon coast.
Oregon/California Coast 2009-10-05 Oregon/California Coast
Once we get this far south we seem to move faster though we do take a little time to stop and smell the flowers.